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Hello Loves!

I'm Mika; I'm a Reiki Practitioner, Hape Medicine Practitioner, Sound Bath Healer, Mom of three, Podcast host, and a Nail Technician


My intention and gift is holding space in your healing journey. The goal isn't to make anything go away, its holding a safe container while allowing you to process all that has kept you in a prison in your mind. In this space, you are able to bring that pain to light so that it no longer has power over you. You are teaching yourself to heal on your own, I am just your guide in the healing process. 


Come experience healing!

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About My Podcast

"Inspired babes, lets chat" is a variety show about life, love, single parenting, divorce, personal growth, health, relationships, and how to get real with what life is throwing at us. We will chat with some powerful people as they share the way they’ve made a difference for themselves and others. We'll laugh, cry, go deep, and bring in a new way of thinking into all of life’s challenges by powerfully taking life on. Join me as we journey together and connect about what’s really keeping us back from our full potential.



My Story

"Awakening to My Journey"

When Mika lost her mom at a very young age, she didn’t realize that it would be the start of a chain reaction that would cause a life awakening for her. Years later, after many trials and healing, the rug once again seemed to be pulled from underneath her. There was a pivotal eye-opening moment in her marriage, that completely altered the possibility of rectifying it. This led to a divorce and became a single mom. She was very unaware of the raw emotions she would soon face, and the profound impact it would have on her life. It was becoming very apparent to her that she had more healing to do. This required her to continue the journey of inner work. Those years of trials, and experiencing the lowest points of her life, created a space for her to be aware of her full potential as a woman and a mom. This has given her a sense of power, freedom, and love.

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